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Praise for turn around, BRXGHT XYXS

"The propulsion and scope of Ben-Oni's poems— engaging everything from biblical figures to '80s music— give each word an exhilarating amount of power... turn around, BRXGHT XYXS audaciously owns its otherness, traveling the world—and the universe—without losing sight of the United States we now inhabit."

Lynn Melnick in Jewish Currents

“Ben-Oni sets out to tell a transformational story of someone who has always been labeled as “too much,” who feels the big, raucous feelings, and yet who is not inevitably beaten down by the world but survives it. Even thrives in it. Harnessing the power of darkness, accepting love’s place in it, and becoming the monster leads to happiness, acceptance, and a grander love. Ben-Oni doesn’t ask us to believe in the relationship between monsters and love, she forces us to know, at our very core, that the two are intertwined.”

Noel Quiñones in Queen Mobs