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Published by Virtual Artists Collective (2013)

The Rumpus  - "Solecism is a smart, self-aware, and beautifully written book of poetry—a wonderful debut from a talented new writer."

Bookslut  - "Ben-Oni...explores cultural trespassing in the midst of a multicultural atmosphere whose rigid categories create a dizzying and disorienting sense of exclusion for the speakers of these poems..."

HTML Giant - "Yours Truly looks forward to her future work, to see it continue to navigate the twisting flux of her coexistent identities, to see which directions it takes her.

The Fourth River - "The imagery in Solecism is striking, often startlingly; the voices are unafraid to speak challenging truths... Ben-Oni’s work bears poetic witness of places both dangerous and real. The poems tap at the reader’s social conscience and heart; a tapping that continues long after the book’s covers have been closed."



Where Ben-Oni finally lands pales beside how she sees the world through her tongue.  The journey is all. And if you find yourself "unborn again... twitching in sin" or 'tasting toadstools' and singing the 'discordant dark', then you too may revel in that forbidden space of SOLECISM, reaping poetry from "what remains of the unruly wilds."

  --Amy King 

* * * * *

Ben-Oni dares us to wade in the currents of wrenching observations and hard-won epiphanies. These brazen, keen explorations are lit by intriguing desires that mirror and unearth our own, fueled by a deft imagination and wielding of language that rings deeply true.  The world needs these tough angel anthems.

--Kamilah Aisha Moon

* * * * *

Between wordplay and wisdom, between lip and tongue—Rosebud Ben-Oni’s SOLECISM is reminiscent of the wordplay, tone and tenor of Harryette Mullen, yet Ben-Oni clearly owns her sole voice, her own edgy distinction and strong sense of sound. In this body of work, Ben-Oni is the dark bird— that sparrow, singing.

 --Marian Haddad