National Poetry Month y Más

Feeling: "I Feel it Coming"

Over Passover, along with Jessie Rose & Jenny Johnson, I had the pleasure of helping poet and anthropologist Nomi Stone lead a Seder with her class at Princeton University (currently finishing up an essay about both Stone and the Seder). It was the first Seder I've attended in a very long time, and a reminder that poetry has the power to evolve tradition in a way nothing else can...

 With Jessi Rose, Nomi Stone and Jenny Johnson

With Jessi Rose, Nomi Stone and Jenny Johnson


For the Poetry Coalition's #WeComeFromEverything project, I contributed to Letras Latinas's Poetry & Migration feature, "It is not a Drowning," a short meditation dedicated to the incredible Emmy Pérez.

My long poem "What Hangs on the Side of the Mouth" was published in 3 parts: "Savage the rain falling..." in Thrush; "Your grandmother has never seen..." in Nightjar Review; & "Amaranthine & thinning the mist" in The Iowa Review.

I have two poems over at Hobart: "Signals" and "When We Grow Up Our Hearts Don't Have to Die." 

For The Kenyon Review, I covered:

  •  AWP 17 & challenges of having meaningful conversations in public spaces
  • "Ice girls" & the first ice hockey game I ever attended
  • A belated valentine to difficult loves, strange nests of language & crises of faith
  • When grief is what almost happens— and did.
  • "Voyager I Am Singing the Fire" my fellow Jews, for all poets, for especially poets of the tundra, for all Diasporists, for those who'd risk everything for the fire.
  • On April Fool's Day, the giraffes were in charge, and turned out be all poets
  • For National Poetry Month, fellow poets Ricardo Maldonado, Virginia Konchan, Victoria Chang, Sam Sax and Becca Klaver joined me in sharing what editors have championed our work. 

I also had the pleasure of taking part of Poetry in Motion's The Poet Is in:

Thanks to MTA Arts & Design for taking these of photos from the event!

I have a few readings left for National Poetry Month which you can find here