Make 'em Whistle like a Missile

Feeling: "Whistle"

A few days into 2017, I'm still working my way through a number of poetry collections that came out in 2016. (Coming soon on The Conversantconversations with poets (Break the Habit, Trio House Press, 2016) & Vanessa Gabb (Images for Radical Politics, Rescue Press 2016). Stay tuned for that.) 

These past few months, I continued to write weekly for The Kenyon Review blog, including a two-part series on poet Carolina Ebeid's debut collection You Ask me To Talk About the Interior, out from Noemi Press. The first part "In Errata We Excavate Our Interiors" examines the idea of allegiances when one's identity is complex, and why the best poets think like scientists; the second "If in Poetry We Are What Would Replace Us" is a meditation on why real change is a very possible & palpable now within the realm of poets like Carolina.

Other essays I wrote for The Kenyon Review include "Call Her Esperanza: On Resistance & Writing" which explores resistance, happiness and the work of poet Loma; "Strangers Meant (to be) Un-stranged" which seeks to un-strange the stranger, why we should "go wrong", and the work of Vincent Toro; and "When It’s Not Our World Anymore What Will We Hear: On Empathy" which I wrote in the wake of the election, on losing my keys and nearly my empathy, on the evolutionary grace of orcas, and finding solace in my fellow poets. 

I had several poems come out which are available online:

My poem "On Childbearing" also appeared in Prairie Schooner's Fall 2016 print issue.

The Shallow Ends nominated my poem "And All the Songs We Are Meant to Be" for a Pushcart Prize. Special thanks to Glass Poetry Press for including this poem on their 2016 Recommended Reading List, and to Luther Hughes for including my poem "All That Is and Is Not Nuclear Is Our Family" in his "10 Poems That Haunted the **** Outta Me in 2016."

2016 felt like two years shoved into one; here's some highlights of that year.

Have some readings set up for January, and then onto AWP in DC!