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Feeling: "Whole Wide World" 

Just got back from a great time at Split This Rock 2016 Poetry Festival. I moderated and read in the panel reading Queer Pan-Latinidad: A LBGTQ Latina/o Poetry Reading with Nívea Castro, Denice Frohman, Rigoberto González, Darrel Alejandro Holnes and Ruben Quesada

And another reading for the Raising Lilly Ledbetter: Women Poets Occupy the Workspace anthology with Sandra Beasley, Jan Beatty, Martha Collins, Susan Eisenberg, Bonnie Morris, Marianne Szlyk, Cindy Williams Gutiérrez, Laura Madeline Wiseman and Carolyne Wright.

Currently finishing up my latest Kenyon Review posts on Icelandic horses and the Northern Lights after a life-changing trip to Iceland. Some of my favorite essays I've written these last few months for Kenyon include:

"The Weight that Will Make Us Planets" on all sorts of love, long-distances, orchid-speak and other translations and why we must experience different states to see what best to exist.

"When You Became the Ghost in Her" on illness, my husband who staked his life on me during the worst of it and that neurologist we always ended up seeing in the ER in the middle of the night, her tools-heavy pockets, her arms ready to catch me if I fell.

"In Nothing Too There Are Seasons" on hauntings, rebellions and strange seasons that might herald new strange worlds within us as poets and artists.

"The Eros of Bees" on eroticism of insects and all those times I wanted to be stung.

I also wrote essays on:

Temporary Passings/ Possessions: On Hitchcock's Vertigo and Carlotta Valdes in which I reexamined the stocktype "Hitchcock blonde," the "story" of Carlotta Valdes and the dangers rewriting historical pain (with some thoughts on Oscars 2016 and that horrifying children's book A Fine Dessert).

I wrote a series of lyrical essays in response to Yael Hedaya's debut collection of novellas:

I wrote about my chronic insomnia and that time I tagged the name of God in Hebrew School in "Under the Eye of the Name: On Writing and Insomnia."

Lastly I wrote "CantoMundo: Graduation Day" as a love letter to CantoMundo, taken from a letter written during my final retreat in 2015.


In February, I was Poet of the Week over at Brooklyn Poets (for whom I read in February), and shared my poem "Self-Portrait as Golem" and answered some interview questions.

I also have a new poem in berfrois "I Love You From Another Star."

I'm currently guest editing a special issue of Queen Mob's Teahouse on New Worlds :: New Planets, and it hopefully will go live very soon!