Feeling: "Beautiful Game"

Two of my poems have been reprinted in Driftless Review, an excerpt from "Shoal" and "The Real Frank Vega was Epic," an ode of sorts to actor Danny Trejo.

New poem in Storyscape: "When the Thorns Unfurl".

New essay, "Anthropophagi Mosiac,” up at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review.

My poems "Am Ha’aretz" and "Gods Our Ancestors Did Not Fear" appear as TheThe Poetry Blog's Poem(s) of the Week. Thanks to Lisa Marie Basile, a wonderful curator and poet, for having me.

And congrats to The San Antonio Spurs! Some say it's pure clinic ball, but that's just the game to me, as it should be. I've been a fan since the Admiral/TD Twin Towers era.